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Capabilities & Advantage

1.Metal Stamping & Deep Drawing

  • More than 30 years experience in stamping parts production
  • In-house tool design capability
  • Press Equipment up to 400 tons
  • Material thickness from 0.3mm to 10mm
  • Draw length up to 200 mm, also longer on request
  • All types of materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum,etc
  • Stamping service include: blanking,drawing,bending,forming,piercing.deburring and more
  • Ready for OEM service
  • Best quality control and rich experienced engineers & inspectors.
  • Production Volume:Prototype,Low Volume,High Volume


2.CNC Machining & Turning

  • Our CNC Machining & Turning workshop is able to provide a variety of machining capabilities to meet most your requirements
  • Value added and light machine capabilities include drilling, broaching ,milling,threading and tapping.



  • EVERIS is well equipped for a wide range of welding including argon arc welding, spot welding, MIG, TIG, stick welding,etc.
  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum welding


4.Tubing & Bending

  • At EVERIS,we take the raw tubing material cutting, piercing and forming to your required parts.


5.Value-added Service


  • EVERIS can also produce assemblies and sub-assemblies that provide our customers with exceptional value.

  -----Surface Treatment

  • EVERIS can meet most kinds of finishing requirements. Such as chrome plating, zinc plating,nick plating,dacromet,hot dip galvanizing,powder coating,e-coating, mirror polishing, etc.
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